Adelfi Beauty is an original vanity brand that offers an array of hair and beauty care products. These quality products include but are not limited to 100% luxury virgin hair, accessories hand picked to preserve the high quality of the hair, and hair products made with natural ingredients to care for the hair.

Adelfi Beauty was founded by two sisters, Cass and Rai,  who believed that the hair care and beauty industries needed their chic and free spirited personalities. Cass’ unconventional ideas combined with Rai’s classic, dreamy style came together to build a corky, out of the box beauty brand. This colorful duo works together to represent each and every type of style and sister around the world!

Adelfi Beauty prides themselves in being a company that customers can trust to provide quality products and excellent care, just as if they were family.

At Adelfi Beauty, we do not believe in offering customers anything less than the absolute best products and services. We ensure that all of our hair extensions are all natural, virgin, and cuticle aligned. Our hair care products are made with the perfect formula for caring for our virgin hair, as well as clients’ natural hair. Our beauty products are styled and created specifically aligned with the Adelfi Brand for our Adelfi sisters.

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